Meet the Team

David Hughes – Founder of Fit Camp UK

I am Dave Hughes, a specialist advanced personal trainer and founder of Fit Camp UK Ltd. I have been at the forefront of the UK’s health and fitness industry for over 18 years, and have a reputation for being an inspirational and passionate health and fitness trainer. I also hold Certificates from some of the most prestigious personal training academies in the world.

For Fit Camp UK members, I combine my knowledge and experience of intensive physical training (Which I have gained from boxing, martial arts, kick boxing and more) to create engaging fitness sessions. When I was younger, I noticed there was a gap in the market for one to one personal training, and so after studying in Australia and in England, I gained my qualifications. I wanted to set up a fitness boot-camp group training company where members could train with a personal trainer and have the option to train 2-5 sessions per week at a fraction of the cost of normal personal training.

That’s where Fit Camp UK comes in. We are a non-military boot camp based on the motto of get fit, lose fat, and have fun. We offer a unique and individual approach to training which involved encouraging instead of intimidating people, and we see results fast. As it is just you and my team of Fit Camp UK Instructors, there’s no reason to feel self-conscious whilst you’re here.

We all need a bit of guidance and encouragement to reach our goals. There is lots of false information on the internet, and so some people tend to get confused on what is good and what isn’t. Fit Camp UK provides you with fitness experts who are happy to answer any questions and to give you the answers and guidance you need.

Chris Robey – Instructor

Hi, my name is Chris, and one way or another I’ve been into sport and fitness since being at school, although it was only in my mid 20’s that I started to really mix up my training and explore different types of fitness and training. I have a real passion for fitness, and this eventually led me on to completing my Level 3 Personal Training qualification which I obtained around 3 years ago.

I really enjoy running, and have taken part in several marathons, many half marathons, Ultra 24 Hour Runs. This has ultimately led me to try my hand at Triathlons, and I love them! The challenge of three different sports mixed in to one event is something I’ve really enjoyed doing. This does mean I’ve had to adapt my training to incorporate lots of swimming and cycling, as well as keeping on top of the running.

Also, over the last few years have started doing a lot of the ‘mud runs’ that have popped up, which is something that a lot of the other ‘Fit Camp’ members also do.

During the time I’ve been a qualified instructor, I’ve trained people with different needs and requirements, ranging from general fitness improvements and weight loss to getting peoples fitness up as they are looking to join the armed forces.

When it comes to my sessions at Fit Camp UK, I like to keep people guessing, so no session will ever be the same! I like to keep the sessions fun, but this doesn’t mean they will be easy. I’m really enthusiastic about fitness and I hope this comes across during the sessions and inspires you to meet your own personal goals.

If anyone wants to know anything else, or wants any advice of your own personal fitness goals, please let me know.

Dee Wallin – Instructor

I have always been a fairly active person.  I danced from the age of 4 and enjoyed many different sports and represented my School in a few of them such as swimming and netball.

I joined Fitcamp UK in 2014 as a member and loved it from the start. Every session was different and fun but still physically challenging. I have always been a firm believer in making exercise fun for people as when you find something you enjoy, you will stick with it and get the results you have longed for.  This is definitely something I put into practice with my clients.  Fun and Variety are key!!

I became a Personal Trainer in 2015. I am Level 2 and 3 REPS recognised.  Since then I have built a client base working from a gym and continue to instruct for Fitcamp at our outdoor bootcamp sessions. I love both aspects of my work and there is no greater feeling in my job than when clients or members have smashed their workout and seeing the look on people’s faces when they are working towards their goals and seeing the inches on that tape measure go down!

I would say I definitely specialise in HIIT training for fat loss. Conditioning and pushing people to their limits is where I feel I excel.  Obviously Resistance Training is also an area I have experience in and coupled with conditioning, RT can aid weight loss significantly working the bigger muscle groups, particularly through compound movements which I also have experience in.

I have completed my fair share of mud runs and OCR’s and have competed in, and won Strong Woman Competitions.  So whether you are looking to “learn to lift”, have a particular event you want to train for,  or just get fit but have a lot of fun with lots of variety doing it, then I am the PT for you.


Simon Smith – Instructor

My name is Simon Smith, but all my friends call me Smithy. I’ll let you decide what you call me.

I always enjoyed doing sports and being active. As a kid I swam, played football and occasionally played a bit of cricket. But I preferred to kick or head the ball and cricket balls are really hard.  As I got older I joined the gym and started getting into the gym environment of lifting weights. However, I sound found out that lifting weights only got you fit to lift weights and not a lot else so I decided to get into more functional and dynamic training routines.

I’ve had numerous jobs but I always made time to train and go to the gym as being fit and healthy just makes sense. The human body is a brilliant bit of kit and therefore needs to be looked after by thrashing it with training and eating healthy. Anyway 8 years ago I decided to make my hobby my job and I did a Personal Training Diploma, through Premier and got to work The first 5 years of my career was spent working in the gym and for the last 3 years I’ve worked freelance.  Throughout my time in Personal Training I’ve worked with and had great success with clients wanting to achieve weight loss, fat loss, improved fitness, join the armed forces, professional athletes, coming back from injury, on going health problems, and more.

I’ve taken on numerous physical challenges, some of which were very hard, and passed them all. I’ve also recently completed a 40-mile run for charity in the Lake District in good time (5 hours 40min). However, I really enjoy doing High Intensity Workouts and hill sprints as I find running to far a bit boring. My career in the Fitness Industry has been fun and really rewarding and has given me a real passion for getting others fit and healthy. Which I am really looking forward to doing with members of Fit Camp UK.