We are about changing people’s lives! We are a non military based outdoor fitness boot camp. We are a fun & friendly fitness boot camp and all are sessions are varied to stop you getting bored of doing the same things.

Fit Camp UK  is a group based exercise programme, for people looking to shape up and get fit. There is no minimum fitness level, you just have to be willing to work hard and get stuck in, the camps sessions are structured to suit every ones capabilities and fitness levels and members are motivated by their trainers and each other to do their best so they can achieve their full potential. All sessions are designed so that you enjoy yourself but challenge yourself physically in a way you never thought possible.

Every workout, you can expect to burn from 700 – 1000 calories per session! And it doesn’t stop there; your body will continue to burn calories throughout the rest of the day or evening and turn your body into a fat burning machine.

We do exercises mainly using your own body weight; however we do have pieces of specialist equipment. We will move your body in different directions – this is so we can get you flexible through movement therefore preventing injury. A few typical exercises would be skipping, lunges, squats, push ups, abs exercises and all over toning exercises, as well as cardiovascular training (jogging), interval circuits, boxing and kickboxing.

As we work in fitness every day we fully understand how exercising can sometimes become a bit of a chore, we are always talking to people about how they have to motivate themselves to go to the gym, because they are getting so bored of their same old routine. But with Fit Camp UK we are always looking out for new and exciting workouts so we can guarantee you will not get bored and that you will blast through your session wondering where the time has gone and will be looking forward to your next session.

Exercise is proven to reduce stress levels by reducing hormones like cortisol and increasing endorphins (your brains feel good chemicals) giving you an instant and long lasting boost which helps you think more positively and enables you to relax more. Training your body is also a great way of taking your mind off work or anything else that might be causing stress or anxiety in your life and it is an excellent way to socialist and make new friends.

Leaner physique, increased strength, energy, and stamina, faster Metabolise to burn more fat, flatter abs, smaller waist, weight loss, 3-15% decrease in body fat, increased muscle tone and flexibility, greater confidence and self esteem, decreased stress, tension and anxiety, reduce craving for fats, sugar and junk foods, sleep better and increase productivity, look and feel better in your favourite clothes.

1. Comfortable workout clothes to keep you dry, warm and well cushioned trainer shoe.
2. Water bottle and towel
3. Wear suitable gloves and waterproof jackets for the autumn / winter months
4. It’s important to wear additional layers in these months and take the layers off as you become warm
5. Good friendly attitude

NO, if you have the will to start doing fit camp then we will have the way to progress you through your training, although the sessions will be catered for the whole group and you will be encouraged to only do what is comfortable for you to do with assistance from the instructors and the fellow fit camp members. We have a wide range of fit camp members from 16yrs to over 65yrs.  We do request that if you are a minor you come with one of you parents.

Yes you can, one thing to remember is that you train to get fit; you don’t need to get fit to train. You will be encouraged to do what you and your body are able to cope with, and the more you train the fitter you will become; the instructors are Advanced Personal Trainers or Advanced Boot Camp Instructors and have trained 1,000’s of clients over the years, they will assist you from the start until you are comfortable.

This all depends on the individual, but as a new fit camp member we recommend that you train 3 times a week, with this frequency of training it ensures that you don’t burn out too quickly and you get the most out of your new training regime, then as your fitness and abilities progress then you could train 3-4 sessions a week, and then up to 5 sessions a week.

  • Fit Camp UK Water Bottle
  • Fit Camp UK T-shirt or Vest
  • 30 Day Nutritional Plan that will smash your body fat and also give you loads of energy
  • 90 Recipe Fat Loss Cookbook
  • Measurements Pack to track you weight loss and fitness progress
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Full support from our expert 1-1 trainers