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Rheo Parnellrheo-1rheo-2

Having won the title of Miss Coventry and Warwickshire at the end of March 2016.
I knew if I was to do well in Miss England Final, in July I would need some serious help.
Help arrived in the form of Dave Hughes from Fit Camp UK!
In addition to the beauty parades traditionally associated with the competition, there are so many other
rounds, all of which carry points towards the final placings.
In particular the Beach Beauty Bikini and the Sports Fitness rounds were a concern with my level of fitness at that time.
I was relatively slim in appearance, but terribly unfit and had no muscle definition / tone.
I started a personal training program with Dave at the end of April 2016 and also attended 2 Fit Camp UK sessions each week.
I found it hard work to start with as the only thing I had run in the last few years, was a bath!  However, it was fun and different every time I trained;
I also followed a healthy eating program that Dave recommended.
With Dave’s enthusiastic support and guidance, I soon began to see results and I am delighted to say that after just 11 weeks training with
Fit Camp UK,
I was placed 6th overall in Miss England out of 22,000 applicants – and more importantly
I was in top 10 of the Beach Beauty round.
I came 7th in the Fitness round.
I would recommend this program to anyone wanting to make a lifestyle change, it is simple, effective and fun!”
While doing the 11 weeks with Dave Hughes and the Fit Camp UK Team 
Decreased  7 kilos of Body Fat / 15 Pounds
Decreased 11% Body Fat
Increased Muscle Mass by 6.4 Kilos / 14 Pounds
Decreased 10 cms off my waist
Decreased 8 cms off my hips
Decreased 8cms off my legs
Decreased 4cms off my legs
I also increased by strength on the fitness test from
1 minute on each          Before               Now
Press Ups                         27                       55
Sit Ups                              50                       80
Squats                               44                       67
Dips                                   25                       50
Plank                                 63s                     128s
D/B Bicep Curl                 27                       42
Oblique Twist                   25                       44
Alternate Lunges            32                       50
Anybody else wishing to change their fitness levels & get in great shape – then please call 
Dave Hughes
Fit Camp UK
Tel 07966 638 009
Many Thanks
Rheo Parnell
Miss England
Finalist 2016

Philippa Hartley


Philippa Hartley from our Birmingham Fit Camp has done so well on her journey to get back her fitness & her health

She also won our Most Motivated Member Award for the Edgbaston Fit Camp in 2015

Here is her story!!!

Testimonial Philippa Hartley / Edgbaston Fit Camp

About 6 years ago I weighed 13st 8lbs after 4 years of hard work I managed to lose 4 stone, However I couldn’t maintain the weight loss and soon put back on over a stone which took me to just under 11 stone. I knew I wasn’t healthy and although I was running it wasn’t enough for me so this is where I decided I needed to get back on track and this is when I found Fit Camp UK.

I joined on my own which was something I never thought I would do as my confidence was pretty low. However I went and nearly 2 years later I haven’t looked back. With the help of the Fit Camp UK Instructors I was able to lose just under 2 stone and lost over 12inches over my body and I can’t thank them enough.

The instructors at Fit Camp UK are so  encouraging, they push you that little bit more each time, they make sure you are working hard whilst having fun and most of all they care, they care about your progress, they make you feel like there is nothing you can’t do, they want you to improve and achieve your best.

I always look forward to the sessions and I try and go 3 times a week. There is so much variety with each session. It is hard work but I have so much fun when I’m there.

With Fit Camp UK not only has my health improved but my confidence has grown so much which has helped me in all aspects of my life. I have met some incredible people and made some amazing friends.

My life has totally changed since joining and I’m so honoured to be part of the Fit Camp UK family.


Philippa Hartley

Edgbaston / Fit Camp UK





Adam Gretton

Adam GrettonAround 18 months ago i weighed in at 19 stone 2 pound, this is when i thought enough is enough and began dieting and bought a treadmill and exercise bike, i managed to shed 2 stone and i hit a bit of a brick wall, and couldn’t lose anymore, the treadmill started to get dusty, and a few pounds began creeping back on, then i was introduced to the world of Fit Camp UK, and in just short of 4 months i managed to get my diet back on track and get my weight down to 15 stone 2 pound. Each session is different which helps to keep it interesting, using tyres, kettlebells, doing pad work either boxing or kicking, the instructors and other members help to motivate and push you to get that little bit extra. You also get encouraged to take part in some great runs and i completed the winter wolf run with some fellow fit campers last month which is a 10k obstacle course and it was fantastic, i doubt very much that i could have even made the starting line before Fit Camp. Since joining, Fit Camp has not only rejuvenated my diet and fitness, but has also gained me many new friends, and a new attitude towards exercise, as it is now fun and interesting!


Elaine Forth

ElaineI have been into various kinds of fitness for more than 20 years but was getting bored with the same gym can class routines and didn’t feel I was challenging myself.  I joined Fit Camp UK nearly 2 years ago and am now addicted!  Every single session is different and I love being outside in the fresh air whatever the weather.  The instructors are motivational and know exactly how hard you can be pushed so I have never been fitter.  All of the members are a great bunch of people, there is a great sense of belonging to something special where you can have fun as well as getting fit.  I would recommend it to anyone who wants to start getting fit or is already there and wants to take it to another level.


Julie Deaves

DeavesMy success was 9lb off in 10 weeks and a massive difference in my stamina!! I can’t believe the difference in my fitness in such a small amount of time thanks to you guys at fit camp (although mostly on the actual day I curse you)  and their 30 day eating plan I can be confident in my clothes again!!


Louise Wilkinson

Louise WilkinsonMy best friend Debra Lewins (FCUK – Solihull) and I have tried many faddy diets and exercise classes including Boogy bounce, Salsa, Zumba and training for many Moonwalks for charities but the weight always piled back on and more…

March 2012 John and I joined FCUK – Tamworth, for 3 months! From having a 7ft, 17st basket ball player kicking you or a 5ft, 8st tiny woman punching you with all their might, you know when it’s your turn you can give them just as good as you just got. And that alone is encouragement…

Fit Camp for me isn’t JUST about losing weight; it’s about my whole shape changing.  It’s about growing confidence and growing strengths and not just physical!. It’s about turning up, not knowing if its circuits, with tyres and sledgehammers or bodyweight work . It’s about knowing whoever I’m partnered with or training next too I’m encouraged to do more, to go faster or at times to take it easy. EVERY class is different.. What gym can give you that?

Fit Camp has also given me a great bunch of friends; they are all amazing people, tall, short, male, female, young and old… The social side to Fit Camp is a bonus, you’re not going to get that at any other exercise class.


Maggie Abbott

Maggie AbbottThis pic on the left was Feb this year after a few short weeks at Fit Camp Uk, I was weighing 12.5st size 16 and miserable! On the right is the healthier fitter happier me.

I tried aerobics, bums and tums, Zumba but none of them brought me back after 2 sessions as didn’t interest me enough to stay ,  I started Fit Camp UK in Jan 2013 with friends and I love it! Never looked back after the 1st session, we have an amazing instructor Simon who I’m so grateful to ,he’s took me with a lot of Ass kicking and shouting at(which was needed)to a size 8/10 and 9.12 in a few months and a complete life change for the better all round :) Even on days where I struggled he was still there  pushing and encouraging me back on form. We have a fantastic group all look after and support each other ,made some great friends as well as all my own friends joining too, In Nov I did the 10k obstacle Wolf Run and also won the Most Motivational Member Award which I was really proud of and made it all worth while!

I wouldn’t recommend anything but Fit Camp UK.

Michelle Elliott

Michelle ElliotIn 2005, aged 20, I started to think about my fitness. I started kick boxing, but struggled to attend sessions due to university and work commitments. I tried going to gym, different fitness classes, dancing, and fitness DVDs  but I didn’t enjoy it. I started to gain more weight and feel unhappy with the way I looked. I really struggled to get motivated to do any form of exercise and the weight piled on.
I was introduced to Fit Camp UK July 2013 by a friend and have never looked back. After doing 2 of the Groupon sessions I knew I was going to sign up as a member. I have never enjoyed an exercise so much. The instructors and other members are really friendly and motivating. I look forward to the sessions, and although at times it can feel tough the results are great. Each session is different, you get to meet new friends and have fun whilst exercising.
I love Fit Camp UK, and although i have only been a member for about 4 months, i feel a lot better in myself and for the first time i enjoy and feel committed to an exercise. Since becoming a member i have lost one and half stone.


Neil Goode

I joined Fit Camp Uk back in April 2013. I start with a taster session and never looked back. On my first session another member told me “stick with it and this will be the best thing you will ever do for your fitness” and they couldn’t be more right!!! I have gone from doing 1 session a week to 4 sessions a week at two different locations (Tamworth & Sutton). I have lost just over 2 1/2 stone and my fitness has gone through the roof! Getting fit and loosing weight are certainly a great thing that Fit Camp UK delivers however, importantly,  I have made loads of new friends and can certainly say the people and instructors make Fit Camp UK what it is!! Delivering results and a great time working out is something that no gym membership has ever delivered for me personally, then I found Fit Camp Uk! I’ll pass on the advice that I got on my first session “come down and give it a go, stick with it and it will be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself!”


Rachel Crump

Rachel CrumpI’ve been a member of Fit Camp UK for a couple of months, and am reaping the rewards already. I’ve lost a stone in weight, and 15″ off my body, including 4″ off my stomach… Off the scales, I feel fitter and stronger than I ever have done!

What is brilliant about FitCamp is the level of support you get, both from instructors and from fellow FitCampers! There really is a team atmosphere and everyone looks out for and encourages each other. Dave and Ollie have given me diet and nutrition advice, as well as making sure each workout is different and challenging- you are never going to be bored with them around!

I’d definitely recommend FitCamp UK to anyone looking to get fitter, leaner and stronger in a fun way.


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