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Join today and receive your FREE copy of our 30 day detox book (Worth £30.00)*

Fed up of the same old exercise routine and over-indulged over the festive period, then come join the Midlands premier fitness boot camp! Sign up to either our 10 session taster package or unlimited month taster package today.

*Offer available for a very limited period subject to availability on new memberships only.


Already tried a Fit Camp UK Class?

Now that you’ve tried fit camp uk.  Lets show you how effective fit camp uk really is. Think of the difference it will make to your body shape, health, fitness and wellbeing when you come along to 2-3 classes every week. Not only that, we guarantee that you’ll have plenty of fun and make some new friends, we can transform your bodyshape into a super lean healthy machine. While you’re losing body fat, increasing your lean muscle mass, getting more defined, feeling more confident, getting fitter and stronger. [/one_half_last]

To give you the opportunity to experience Fit Camp UK for the first time, you can email me at to book a taster session!!! We do not give out taster sessions if you are on an offer!!!  Please state your location you want to attend and how you found out about us, also when you want to start.

Don’t forget, before your first class you must fill in our Online PARQ when booking your Taster Class.

Your Membership Options

There are 4 main membership options here at Fit Camp UK; they’re Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum. We also have a small joining fee – which in that you get:

  • Fit Camp UK Water Bottle
  • Fit Camp UK T-shirt or Vest
  • 30 Day Nutritional Plan that will smash your body fat and also give you loads of energy
  • 90 Recipe Fat Loss Cookbook
  • Measurements Pack to track you weight loss and fitness progress
Home Camp Memberships: Bronze or Silver only
  • Limited to the one location only.
  • Limited to 2-3 sessions a week maximum at one location only.
  • This includes Saturday morning sessions.
Multi Camp Memberships: Gold Membership or Platinum
  • Can attend any location.
  • Can attend both mornings and evenings.
  • Bronze Membership
    Up to 4- 8 x sessions per month  at one location only (from £44 per month)

    If you already have other sporting activities on the go and you just want to top up your existing fitness – then the 2 classes a week membership might be the right choice for you. You pay for this membership by direct debit so you simply turn up and enjoy the 2 sessions of your choice. This is a ‘Home Camp’ Membership. Join this Membership

  • Silver Membership
    Silver Membership
    Up to 8-12 x sessions per month at one location only (from £50 per month)

    The silver membership is perfect for someone who is looking to attend all 3 classes each week and hit their goals. The three class a week membership gives you the opportunity to enjoy our fitness camps while increasing your health and fitness.  You pay for this membership by direct debit so you simply turn up and enjoy the all 3 sessions. This is a ‘Home Camp’ Membership. Join this Membership

  • Gold Membership
    Unlimited sessions per month (from £60 per month)

    The most popular option as it allows you to attend up to 5 or more classes per week; at any venue of your choice. You could attend 3 sessions per week at one venue & you can then do another 2 classes a week at another venue, mornings or evenings – which can be 5 per week – which is a sure way to get fit, lose fat and have fun. You pay for this membership by direct debit so you simply turn up and enjoy as many sessions of your choice across multiple locations. This is a ‘Multi Camp’ Membership. Join this Membership

  • 90 Day Body Transformation Platinum Membership
    Unlimited sessions per month (from £99 per month)

    This is a guaranteed results fat loss challenge. As a platinum member you get a 90 day detox plan, unlimited sessions, fit camp mentor and fit camp online workout videos The Winner of this 12 week challenge gets £200 prize money and there are weekly weigh ins & measurements taken. Get the body shape that you desire! Join this Membership

  • PAYG £12 per Fit Camp UK Class

    In addition to our monthly memberships we offer occasional users a pay-as-you-go membership which allows you to pay £12 for each session until your direct debit is set up and gone through.

Please note our Bootcamps are subject to terms and conditions

All our memberships are collected by Debit Finance Systems – The contracts are with them and we just provide the Exercise part.

Any questions about this please read the terms and conditions above.

If you sign up to a contract you are committed to that contract with Debit Finance Systems

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